Friday, November 6, 2009

Romeo A Go-Go

Sleeping never had much appeal to me.
To be honest
I never saw the allure.
To me, night is not mean to be wasted with our eyes closed,
it is meant to be spent with them wide open.

I drink to the night
it's all I have.
I look forward
to the setting of the sun,
to the day giving way to the stars.
The night is my ally;
during the night I am free.

But my chains return as the morning dawns.
When the sun paints the clouds in shades
of purple and orange
I am reminded:
I am stuck in the night,
my heart,
my soul,
and my body.

My love does not share my favor with the evening.
She prefers to close her eyes
while mine are open.
If she will not see the stars,
I cannot see them for her.

I will look at her when I come in from the cold,
carrying the weight of the evening.
And through the breath of excess
I will whisper in her ear as she sleeps:
"When all the world is sleeping, I lie awake for you."

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Hello friends, and welcome to my blog. This page is created to provide me with a safer and more secure place to share my poetry and literature with my friends.

Until recently, I was putting them on Facebook, but when my words began popping up in places where I didn't put them, I had to rethink this approach.

I like to post my works so that I can receive constructive criticism from people who have a valuable opinion to provide.

Thank you in advance for taking time out to look at my words, and I will start my entries with my Poem, " My Intended."

My Intended--

Do you remember

our first embrace?

The first time our hands clasped,

our eyes met,

and sacred fire burned between us?

I wonder--

When did the last embers of that fire die?

Did Hephaestus not approve of our spark?

Or, did we deny his mandate,

and pervert nature for a bitter end?

My Intended--

The cold is more than I can endure

the chill bites at my face and tortures me.

When the thaw is refreezing

-Let our lips meet and melt the ice

or let lust extinguish the flames of love...