Sunday, October 31, 2010


I started working out. I know it's not exactly a winning game plan, but I am basically only working out my vanity muscles- i.e. my abs. Yeah, basically, I figure if I have a better six pack, nothing else will really matter any way.

I have also been writing again. I am working on something that I have a pretty good vibe about. It's not a novel, I have given up on forcing that issue, but a collection of thematically related short stories. I feel as if I have a good idea brewing and I am just going to go with it.

Friday was Dhut's surprise party and I was very upset that my stay in Korea kept me from seeing it. I hope she had a blast and I hope she knows I miss her.

My parents are, as of now, out of Michigan and on their way to Rockland Maryland to begin their lives in DC. I am happy for them, but also incredibly sad that the little house of cards that was my life in Downriver has officially collapsed. O well.

Well, I need to go and get ready to work. It's achievement test week. Which means I am either going to work really hard at trying to stay busy, or catch up on the reading of Ulysses.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

O Korea...

I have had a most up and down time lately. If someone asked me to sum up my experience in Korea thus far, I could only really shrug and wear a stupid ass confused look on my face.

I looked up plane prices today, and it would take more money than I currently have to come home so I figure I will just stay. Yeah, that's the kind of rational I am using for things these days. I am in total "go with the flow" mode and have no means or desire to get out of it.

My weekend was, for the most part, quite nice. I was something resembling happy on Saturday night, which is odd because I wasn't drunk, and I wasn't really drinking either. Such things actual fill me with confidence that I might not be quite the lush I thought I was.

And I have to admit, that part of me doesn't want to go home because then I will look like a failure. If I left now, it would be like me saying, "yeah, it's a big ass world out there, and I couldn't handle it." I would rather come home and say, "It's a big ass world out there, and I had my way with it."

I promise myself this though. When I come home, this lifestyle I've been living lately is finished. I am going to settle down, get things right. In other words, I am just going to grow up. I am not trying to say I am going to wife someone, hell, I am always trying to do that, I am just saying I am going to do life right. I can't go on living like a 19 year old who just found Oulette street for the first time.

part of me is sad about that. Part of me is excited. Maybe Korea is that ultimate test of whether or not I am as strong as I make myself appear to be. If I can handle this, I can handle anything, and I will endure. I have seen the hardest times, and this doesn't really compare to that. This is, as of now, a big long hangover, and the asprin is just starting to work.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Man Log 2010

Welcome back gentleman! After a long and lengthy hiatus, I am back! Yes sir, the sire of sloth, the grandmaster of gluttony, the Slick Willy of Shenanigans has returned to give you the advice that only he can give!

Now that the hyperbolic self indulgent third person talk is finished, let me get right into today’s topic: living in a foreign country, and the challenges of pursuing life’s ultimate goal there. That goal, of course, is the pursuit of booty.

Let us explain the challenges with Asia. It is true that I have a certain amount of limited skill when it comes to the learning of foreign languages. While in Ottawa, I had already acquired enough French to catch people talking shit about me. In two long months, I have yet to learn a single phrase beyond “can I have a beer please?” I know this may be useful for a bro to know, but again, a bro with a polo doesn’t always achieve his goal. As the acting Broda, I must find a method to get what it is I so dearly covet.

With that said, here is my system thus far-

-Find a bar that caters to foreigners. Bars in these places will typically be filled with less than reputable ladies who are there explicitly looking for your company. These women are either into the idea of foreign men, or are curious. The curious ones will have little knowledge of a foreigners language, while the ones who are into it, will be fluent enough to take you home. Yes, take YOU home.
-Be very polite. This goes without saying. However, in foreign countries, especially ones with a strong patriarchal leaning, a man who is nice and courteous can surprise a woman. On the other hand, they may see it as weakness. Don’t bitch, I never said this was an exact science.
- Buy very little alcohol for them and yourself. Korean women, as well as Korean men, love to drink. However, they don’t like to share company with a blitzed foreigner. With that said, they, like any woman on God’s Earth, are fully capable of the ‘heist.’ What is the heist? The heist is what all girls who go to the bar do, mooch for free drinks. Sorry to generalize ladies, but you definitely do this shit.
-Try to act reserved. Confidence is always the number one tool to use in the pursuit of a woman. Over confidence is the number one downfall. In Korea, this is even more pronounced. Woman here dig the shyer, more harmless looking man. A man who reminds them of a movie star may garner a lot of attention, but ultimately, the normal looking man will have an advantage. He looks safer, he probably is safer, and he is probably more likely to break rule number 3.
-If, by some reason, you do take a woman home, do NOT make the first move immediately. Now is the time to relax and have a couple of drinks. Always keep something good on hand. In Korea, Soju is always a reliable choice for the girl. I prefer a stock pile of Jack Daniels and Coke a Cola. This drink can be consumed casually, without running the risk of douche bag indulgence. Sip the drink, laugh at her jokes (whether you understand them or not) and let her pick a movie.
-When she does pick a movie, it will be something with a sexual leaning, or a very conservative leaning. Because of the language barrier, woman will be more direct when they express their interest, yet, at the same time, it will seem like they are playing a game with you. They might be, but the odds are that they are battling shyness and a mixture of language block. If you have cable and it’s after midnight, she will casually drift to the American movie channels. I think we all know what plays on Cinemax after midnight. If she isn’t into you, she’ll probably watch one of the million or so variety shoes about talents and weight loss they have here. If you don’t have cable, the internet is your weapon, but don’t use it against her. Let her use the mouse, trust a brother.
-I realize that the majority of this post is neither funny, nor equality based. I realize I sound misogynistic as all hell. But the truth is, that these rules are applicable to woman as well. For girls, it may be tougher, since the men seem to be less lingual than the woman. This could be for two reasons: one, I have yet to converse with enough dudes, and two, the women are more interested in the idea of a foreigner. However, this is not the case. The men here consider a badge of pride to have an American girl. In this culture, woman are looked down upon for being seen with foreign men. Therefore, it is even harder to make magic happen if you are a man than it is in your country back home.

With all of that said, I wish to elaborate on the happenings of my Broop over the past few months. As many people are aware, Curtis, my right hand man, my wingman, my Bro of all Bros, has once and for all revoked his man card and abandoned the broop. He, to my knowledge, is living in that unspoken girl’s vagina and crying about the new Scene Aesthetic Album. It is also possible he has formed a new broop that he is the leader of. This, to my knowledge, may be the only way a non alpha male, or a beta, can gain alpha status. I wonder… I wonder.

Matt has been so busy with life and work that his bro status, while not revoked, seems to have fallen into the realm of disinterest. While there are few bros who match the prowess of Matt, there are always circumstances that keep a good man down.

To be honest, before I had left, I had essentially formed a new broop. This broop did not have the centralized leadership of the past, yet, it did maintain elements of the previous one; such as lore and history, and our worship of the almighty original Broda, the blue glowy Charlie. My predecessor has approved the majority of my new cohorts, and that is all I need.

The majority of my summer however was spent preparing for the trek to Asia land. While I must admit that the Asian women are not particularly my favorite type, there are perks to the view here. I will leave it at that, as I am sure you can figure out on your own.

Well amigos, I love you all, and until next time, Keep it real, keep it classy, and keep it bro.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Honey, I've never had sex that wasn't awkward.

Well hello friends, lovers, and internet stalkers! Today is Thursday, and like every Thursday in Korea, I am exhausted beyond the measure of mortal thought. My eyelids weigh at least 60 pounds and my back feels like it has been broken in 18 places.

On the real though, the internet in Korea is so fucking fast that I have been on a downloading terror as of late. I didn’t bring any of my favorite movies with me, but that’s okay because I’ve replaced them all in a matter of hours. The Shawshank Redemption? Check. Schindler’s List? Check. The Thomas Crown Affair is also in my possession. As is Scorcese’s Masterpiece of masterpieces, The Goodfellas’, which I will probably watch this evening instead of going out to the bar or something- unless everyone’s going.

But the real gem beyond all three Jackass Movies (1, 2, and 2.5, I am not lucky enough to have 3D yet) and the entire Jackass TV show, has been my decision to take a chance and download all of the current episodes of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire. This show is fucking phenomenal! I have never been huge on TV shows before, but this one is literally breathtaking. Literally.

I know it’s a long way off, but I really am excited to go to Marlana and Des’ wedding next year. Basically, because I am going to look good enough to eat and I hope that many, if not all of the lovely (single) ladies will be inclined to agree that I am quite appetizing. Oh, and two of my favorite people on Earth are going to get married- that too.

I wish I could work up the motivation to either write more or work out. Not to make it like that, but writing equals money which equals shallow person hotness. Working out is equal to shallow person hotness. Either way I win, except I might be able to net a more amazing ride with the book… maybe, or I could die of alcoholism like all the good writers do.

My bathroom is one of the grossest things known to man. It’s a disease nest. Seriously, I have been scrubbing the pubes that clog my drain for the entirety of my stay here so far. I am about to throw in the towel and hire a cleaning lady.

I met a girl whose mouth looked like her Valtrex prescription ran out and she forgot her doctor’s number. And before you ask, NO, I didn’t do anything with her.

I want to go to grad school. I should probably take my GRE to overcompensate for my awful GPA. I apologize for all the acronyms in this part of the log. I feel this way because I like teaching, but the kids this young, especially these freakishly silent middle school kids, remind me that I want to lecture for a living at a University. I am going to need a Ph.D eventually, and hopefully I can figure out a way to do this.

I think I might start doing the man log again. It was funny, and of the things I write, it is the only thing that could potentially be marketable. Besides, it’s fun to actually write them, and these things I write could potentially be made into a total dude novel destined to be transformed into a less than stellar but still savagely profitable movie.

I am so tired today that I feel as if I must remind my audience (if I have one) of this fact.

Some days, I want to stay here in Korea for like, a long time. Other days, I want to bounce harder than a set of old man boobs. This is whole experience is exactly like that so far. When asked, “What’s it like?” I have only one answer: literally, “meh.”

MAN LOG ENTRY 1- 2010 will hopefully be out sometime soon, like, tomorrow or something. That would be swell wouldn’t it?

I kind of hope a decent group of people are trying to get into some shenanigans tonight. I know I need to sleep, I mean, I have gone to bed at like 7am for the past two nights. I always do this- I am tired all day then when it’s time to go home, I wake right the fuck up.

I am debating, grill cheese or take out Korean? I kind of want some Korean, but I have a feeling I will like, shit my ass off if I indulge in any more of it. Their food here is basically pure protein… maybe that’s why I am gaining weight but not looking any different.

I really have been struggling with God and identity issues lately. I was basically atheist back in the states, but sometimes I find myself talking to God when I am alone.

In terms of identity, my sense of home is completely shattered. I live in a place where I don’t entirely belong, and even if I fell in love with this place, or, more unlikely, with someone in this place, I still wouldn’t belong. The inherent xenophobia of the average Korean will always prevent anyone NOT Korean from being completely accepted.

Yet, there is nothing back home that really made me love the role of American. What does it mean to be American anymore?

I know not what to say, the world is too big to be caught in my arms.

As Milton so eloquently put it, “Long is the way and hard that, out of hell leads up to light.”

Damn. Just when the day began to wind to its conclusion, and I neared the bottom of this fine manuscript you are currently enjoying, I became more awake. I wanted to go home and crash into a pile of pillows and blankets, but now I want to go out in pursuit of all the glory of youthful ignorance and stupidity. The milk of the world, for me, is totally booze. I wish Korean beer tasted good, I would be much more inclined to stay here.

I want to go shopping. There are several things, such as a toaster oven and a microwave that I would really like to buy. They aren’t that expensive, but I keep feeling as if to make these purchases would be irresponsible. Yet, the same person with this thought spends sixty dollars at the bar.

I got my first utility bill. It was less than a hundred bucks. Hell Yeah, Booyeah Achieved.

And that is that, my amoureux. Bon Voyage!

Monday, October 18, 2010

New Poem rough draft

I hide in a paper shoe box
filled with the light of our Father,
Amen. So lost and loved

along the broken carcass of a dying
lamb, ripped to shreds by the
foul hatred of consumption.

Leave the fire at the altar,
O little devil! Make your
way to the edifice

of your triumph; tumultuous fall,
as graceful as a shattered bird
with broken wings

descending down the broken dreams
and out through the imagination
of a sad, lonely poet.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Seems like I'm never coming home...

Yeah, total Augustana moment...

I was asked yesterday by a fellow foriegner if I was dressing up for Halloween this year, and that got my thinking:

How could I dare cheat on my home friends with these new friends with something as sacred as Halloween? For those of you who do know me, you are well aware of my love of this fall time. Not only am I an expert of the goofy outfit, there are few things on Earth I enjoy as much as girls with an excuse to be slutty. It's not just in look either, oh no! The opportunity to wear revealing outfits, uniforms, and be a walking innuendo, also brings out this behavior in these women. It's a thing worth smiling over.

You never really learn how much you love spell check until it's gone.

I think I could really go for a two dollar pint night. I miss being able to afford Guinness for less than 10 dollars. No lie dude, it costs ten dollars.

I need a haircut, but I am too terrified to actually go get one. I need to be better with my money also.

I am probably going to participate in a Euchere tournement tonight. This is exciting. It reminds me of why home is home... except that I am not at home. Don't remind me again please.

I'd really like some sonic too. I love Cherry Lime-Aids.

I wish I could write for a sustained period of time. If I spend an entire year here and get nothing done, I will not be happy.

Will I ever really be happy anyway???

Who knows... God, buddha? The dude who wears grateful dead T-shirts?

Someone's gotta know.

I wouldn't mind it if Korea would build a Dennys. I like that bars are open till, well, forever here, but I am also depressed that I can't get Denny's at three am with my buddies. It would be even sweeter if they installed a Ram's Horn. So many awesome memories at the horn.

I really hate my apartment. If it suddenly burst into flame, and the fire sparred my laptop, that would be a blessing... as long as my clothes were okay too.

I wish I could go swimming... even though it's pretty much winter already.


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Et ignotas animum dimittit in artes

And he sets his mind to unknown arts...

Don't I wish.

Any way, Happidus is officially my favorite bar in Korea. It's small, not club like at all, and it reminds me of Sidetracks back in Hipsilanti.

I like Jack and Cokes. They make up for the fact that beer here is vile.

Have I mentioned before that Korean women have really nice bodies?

I want to write again. It's too bad I can't.

It sucks that I have to come to work early to use the internet. Hopefully I can set something up on Friday.

I don't have much to write about right now, so I bid adieu...

Sunday, October 10, 2010

and so we pray...

Last night, I actually felt like praying. I didn't, because I don't really remember how to.

I guess I can pray here, so that if I didn't do it right, people can help me figure it out.

Dear God,

I know sometimes I say some fucked up shit, that I don't always believe in you, that most of the time I think you were invented. I don't know what you are, but I know that sometimes I feel like, whatever it is that you are a symbol of, is real and comforting.

I wish I could know what it is that is in store for me, because what I have right now isn't working. My situation dictates that I am unable to grow up. I am able to drink and harm myself with reckless abandon, and I need to stop. I need something that will allow me to become a man.

I have been waiting, I have tried to take it slow, I have tried to do it faster, I have tried everything that has been put before me. I still feel as if I am floating on maybe, that I have no real substance by which my life can actually be defined.

If you are real God, and when I say that, I assume and feel as if you really are, you will see that I really am trying to be worth of your love, hell, of anyone's love. I feel like I haven't earned either.

The world, it can be beautiful sometimes, but at others, it is an ugly, vile, repulsive beast that I wish to free myself from. I see this, in the mirror and in the streets, in people as they smile, frown, stare, look away. It's all there, the good and the bad. Halfway between happiness and the other.


Thursday, October 7, 2010

On Writing...

Or not. My idea is solid... just how to begin...

at the beginning of course.

Either way, I must mention that my George Foreman grill has, for the most part, intensified my love of Korea. I have been eating the hell out of some grill cheese sandwiches.

As soon as my oven works, I am making some steak, some chicken, and some mashed potatoes. I will not stop clinging to my mother's cooking, so don't even try to make me.

That's American right there.

One of my students said that Hitler was interesting to her. She was 12. Amazingly awful.

I find your lack of faith disturbing.

I'd like to start working out. One of the guys at work who is super friendly said I could start going to the gym with him, he even promised not to make fun of me when I could only bench like, 45 pounds.

So yeah bithces, when I do come home, I will be hot. Booyeah Acheived.

I accidently came to work like, 5 hours early. I thought there was a 3 o' clock meeting today, but I was wrong. I have a meeting at five though, so my wait wont be too awful.

I really hate my cell phone. After a bit, I might just take a trip down to a store and get an iPhone. Everyone in Korea seems to have one except me.

It wont replace my Blackberry, that lover of loves, but it will do in a pinch.

I paid my rent for the first time last night. I think America should take a cue from how the Koreans do it. I have never done anything so simple in my life. If it didn't cost 650,000 won, I'd rather pay my bills than drink a beer. It's actually easier than drinking a beer- especially this awful Korean shit.

On the real though, I am not much a fan of the Asian women, but all of them have AMAZING legs. Not legs for days America Guzman style, but definitely something to behold.

Yeah, that was my shout out to Phi Mu for the day. I seem to have one daily lately.

Wow that rhymed.

I will end with a song that I've been jamming a lot lately.

I was a quick wet boy, diving too deep for coins
All of your street light eyes wide on my plastic toys
Then when the cops closed the fair, I cut my long baby hair
Stole me a dog-eared map and called for you everywhere

Have I found you
Flightless bird, jealous, weeping or lost you, american mouth
Big pill looming

Now I'm a fat house cat
Nursing my sore blunt tongue

Watching the warm poison rats curl through the wide fence cracks
Pissing on magazine photos
Those fishing lures thrown in the cold
And clean blood of Christ mountain stream

Have I found you
Flightless bird, grounded, bleeding or lost you, american mouth
Big pill stuck going down

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hey, is that a ninja up there?

So last night, the undermaned two person trivia team of Holly and myself opened up a can of whoop ass and dominance and poured it all over every other team. Victory baby, victory. Our prize? 14 bucks each and a bottle of Jack Daniels. Sweet sweet liquor, eases the pain.

I woke up this morning and put the red dress shoes on for the first time in two weeks. They felt like home to me, my foot slid in effortlessly and nestled in like a young man cuddling up to Megan Fox. It just felt right.

My hair didn't really turn out well today. No matter, it's fluffy and fun to play with.

My lip is healing alarmingly well.

My ankle is completely 100 percent- or maybe 96 percent. Either way, it wasn't broke.

I wonder if I will be able to find cups for my inflatable Beer Pong table, it would suck if I had have that shipped over.

I once again find that I sleep better AFTER my alarm goes off. Why is my life full of paradox and irony?

I wish I didn't have to shave- ever. I hate facial hair, I would only like it if when i did grow it, it didn't look awful. George Clooney, I am not you.

The Michigan Fight song is poetry in motion.

I am nervous about the State game this weekend though, I will be honest.

Stealing internet in my apartment has officially come to an end; the network that was so-so has completely gone away. I need to purchase some really soon.

I am going to try and pay my rent this evening, should be interesting.

There are a lot of Canadians here, it kind of reminds me of Windsor- except there are fewer Americans.

I miss my Blackberry... Probably more than the people I store inside of it... My bnrickbreaker talents will be greatly affected by my time away from it.

I wish I could put my thoughts down on paper still- I have blanked out hardcore lately.

Adieu my amouruex!

boo yeah acheived.

Hell yes! My inflatable Beer Pong table, and my foreman grill, are now in my posession. It looks like my liver just checked out.

Last night in the Hweshik superlatives, I was the winner of the awards for "tallest Hair" and also of the dubious honor of "Most Likely To Go To The Hospital." My reputation is basically going to follow me around all over the globe it seems.

Jackass 3d comes out next friday. Please Jesus let it play here...

I am going to get internet this weekend at my house so I can watch my Wolverines (hopefully) put a whoopin on sparty.

I got my airfare money today. I think I am going to go and pay my rent with it today- or Friday.

I am kind of in a "writing" and reading mood today. I will probably do neither.

I feel as if my life is spent hungover, or recovering from one.

I think Kate Beckinsale is still hot.

I do in fact, love Lucy.

Ryan Rynolds is on the cover of GQ. I like him, and I don't care what anyone thinks about it.

Monday, October 4, 2010


Last night, I did something dumber than my Basketball hoop jump. I purposefully got my lips and tongue stuck to a cold metal surface.

Don't ask me to explain why, because I have no idea. Alcohol was involved, but there wasn't any really in my stomach.

Today it looks like my lips have herpes and they are gashed pretty good. Strangely however, it doesn't really hurt, and my speech is not effected either. IT just looks pretty haggard.

Life without a camera sucks.

I have gone back to wearing ties... for now.

I missed Dhut's bday... I keep reminding myself how awful this is.

I want to go to Mardi Gras.

I hate being at work early, it makes me feel lame. I shouldn't have to explain why this is so.

I am pretty sure I only have like, three friends at work. I am pretty sure everyone else thinks I am retarded. (With good reason apparently.)

I hate Adverbs, but I still over use them... help.

I need to find time to do laundry. I have had none thus far this week. I would also like to write some, I feel like the idea I am brewing could finally be the one, since it's basically a rewrite and combination of everything I've ever really written before lol.

I wonder how Randy's doing... I miss him terribly, and I never thought I'd really say that. if you read this, I love you little brother.

I wonder how my Melody is doing as well. I talk to Nelson and Ashley like, once a week sometimes, but I have barely heard from her. I hope life's treating her swell.

I hope all of my friends that are still in School are kicking ass in their classes this semester. I sort of wish I was still in College.

I could really go for some Tubby's Grilled Submarines right now.

I wonder how Charlie and Cindy are doing... living with them for a few months made me really close to them and now I wish I could see them.

I wonder if jobs are going to actually be available in October with the Government fiscal year begins. If this could happed, I would be extremely happy.

I like it here, but I also hate it simultaneously. I don't know why, but I feel like I am translucent, as if I fade in and out of the obscurity of the electric neon signs and the afterglow of intoxicated Asians.

If that makes any sense.

I hope Michigan beats MSU this week. Denard Robinson looks like a shoe in for the Heisman, but it's been two years since we beat that "other" Michigan School. It would also make my Wolverines Bowl eligible for the first time in two years. Saying that surprises me- we've always been bowl eligible.


I bid adieu my amoureux.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Don't cry I'll bring this home to you...

Well another weekend past, and it was a great one. Happy Belated to Johnny Mains, it was a blast good sir.

However, I am saddened by the fact that my presence in Korea caused to miss the birthday celebrations of one of my most fun, and closest friends, Ms. Dhut Sass. I hope you drank so much that it causes me a hangover on the other side of the world.

My parents, in their awesomeness, have purchased me a new George Forman grill that will be cheaper to ship overseas.

I have a new drinking buddy. Kathy, we got smashed dude.

I get a new student in my Terra class like, every week now. It's cool, I suppose.

I am totally rocking a cardigan today- but I do need to do laundry.

I might join a gym, could probably use it, and paying for such an endeavor might force me to actually go.

I have decided that Lilly, the book I have about 100 single spaced pages finished on, is not good enough to stand on its own merits. This may be because the new Idea I previously mentioned has so dominated my thoughts lately that I have actually began to brainstorm for it. Lilly will not be completely deleted, but it will be restructured and edited to become part of the new thing.

The new thing will be a sort of semi-autobiographical telling of why I left America. Therefore, it will be a bit of a social critique much like Lilly was, but different. It will be told in the third person view, which will highlight the nihilism of my own emotions as of late.

I ate Italian food here last night. A mistake.

I didn't do anything at all yesterday, and I think my ankle is better for it.

Hongdae is fun, but it is far to expensive. I feel as if clubbing is no longer my interest. I think I am going to stick to darts and pool at Happidus. This will inevitably save me a ton of money as well.

I have a lot of this week off again- just like last week. This is good because i don't have to work as much but it also sucks because I wont make as much money. We get paid quite a bit here though, by my estimation, so this isn't too awful.

I cannot wait to get my internet worked out. It's only thirty dollars a month and I hear it is a thousand times faster than what we have back home. My illegally downloaded movie and music collection is about to ballon to astronomical size.

I like the word Ossify entirely too much. Same thing with Sanguine.

I really want to become a better French speaker. This coul be enjoyable, and combined with my last name could help me convince people I am actually French.

I want to buy a futon. My bed is nice, but it's never going to get made and I don't have a frame for it.

I wish I could figure out the Korean trash sorting system.

I wish my stove worked- I want to make Spaghetti.

I need a new computer. My Mac is teetering on the verge of death. It loses another function daily. A Macbook pro would be a most amazing Christmas present. Hint Hint.

I think I should have brought more shoes with me.

I really kind of like the fact that I live alone. Roommates are not my thing, I have discovered this.

I'd love it if I could watch the Michigan game this weekend. MSU is always a tough opponent, and they're both undefeated- it could be enjoyable to watch. That, and I am missing Denard Robinson's Heisman in the making season.

I wish I was rich.

Really rich.

I bid adieu for now my amoureux.