Saturday, November 6, 2010

Friday, November 5, 2010

Fuckin' in the bushes

So I think, in light of kindness and the way things go, I am going to take my break and come home next summer instead of Spring. This makes more logical sense for several reasons. First, if I come home and everyone is busy with school, what good would my visiting home be? I'd be bored all day, and everyone would be tired when they were finally not busy. Second, I want to plan a trip of some kind with some of my closest friends, this would be easier to accomplish in the summer, for the aforementioned reason, and the fact that summer is really a much better time to travel especially to places that are warm. My idea? I am glad you asked my lovely audience; my idea is Vegas... Viva Las Vegas.

I want to get a nice group of people, somewhere between five and ten, who are down to hit sin city with me. I think 3-5 days would be more than affordable, and most certainly fun. If you are interested let me know :)

I also think I have found the most insane ab work out ever. It makes P90x Ab Ripper X look weak; and I would know, I was a huge supporter of P90x until I found this monster of a routine. It hurts to even talk about it!

I have watched the movie snatch no less than four times in the last three days. I fucking love that movie.

I look really good at work today. Not to be an egotistical ass, but the purple shirt, matching tie, cardigan, and skinny jeans are really pulling out all the stops today.

So yeah, basically those are my thoughts. Korea is starting to grow on me, but it makes Michigan more and more appealing. I need to clean my apartment, but I highly doubt I will.

Bon Voyage my amoureux!

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Operation gain weight and look amazing has pretty much hit a wall. I am at the point where I need to actually get a gym membership- but I am too afraid to be ashamed of my meager lifting skills... hmmm.

I should just do it anyway. I have a plan, and I have a goal. Shit shouldn't stop me, nothing should.

It looks like it may be possible for me to go home and visit for six weeks in April. That would mean I would be home for my 23rd birthday, and I would be home for the beginnings of summer, so I could hit the beach a few times before boarding a plane and returning to Seoul.

Hopefully, the goals and things I have in mind can be accomplished before then. I want to return to Michigan as new a man as I possibly can be.

Bon Voyage!