Thursday, May 19, 2011

End of The World

So apparently there has been a preacher who actually studied something beyond Jesus at one point, who has come up with a mathematical based theory as to why the world will end on Saturday May 21st at Six PM.

While I admire the man's attention to detail and accuracy, I will say that this one has the feel of blah to me. I mean, not only does the world end at a lame ass time, 6 PM, it also didn't even get a major movie. The reason 2012 probably scares me so much is because it's far enough away AND John Cusak had no dialogue to work with. I mean, if this Camping fellow who has predicted the rapture on 2011 really wanted to spice up his prediction, he himself could not back door the process and schedule a service for Sunday the 22nd... BUT, he did.

I say why is the number 21 always related to people dying? December 21st, May 21st... etc,etc. Why 21? I mean, I survived 21 just fine. I morphed myself from a high functioning alcoholic, into a higher functioning normal human being. I actually grew a little bit, swear to God. 21 has been given a bad rap, it's the new 23, except Jim Carey's not making a semi-ridiculous movie about it.

Well that is what it is I suppose... Come Saturday, we shall discover what's up.

But after it passes, I will begin planning the greatest party ever planned by man... The End Of The World Party-- December 20th 2012... Not because I think the world will end, but because I think that will be an EPIC excuse to throw a party.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Building Steam With A Grain Of Salt.

There is something I think all of us can share with each other-- the joys and agonies of job hunting.

Oh Yes! I am currently embattled in this personal war of attrition, desperately seeking gainful and meaningful employment. Like so many others at my age and experience level, I am finding this task quite difficult.

I was always told, go to college. When I asked why, I was told it would help me get a really good job. So I did that. I had to go to another country to get a good job after that was over. Eventually, I realized I was white, and would never be Asian, so I came back. America, the biggest most powerful country in the world-- No jobs for the educated people.

Educational requirements-- Four year Bachelor's Degree. Check.
Experience Requirements-- 2-4 years... OUCH!!

Well, how does one get experience if no one will hire you and let you gain that experience? It's that whole, set the rules in opposition to each other thing. Look, but don't touch. Touch, but don't taste. Taste, but don't swallow. If I may continue to quote Al Pacino's version of the devil, While we, the people do this, he's up there laughing his sick (expletive) (expletive) off!

I mean really, which is it? Experience or Education? If I hadn't spent the last four years getting an education, I'd have the experience! I mean, I'd have saved a lot of my parent's hard earned money as well by making my own at a semi-degrading and dead end job.

So that's what it's like, trying to build up steam when all you have is a little bit of salt. That's also the name of a song that all of you should check out.