Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Color of Money:

Why Greed is NOT good.

"Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn't mean politics won't take an interest in you." -- Pericles

It is a fact; there are more people in the middle class than there are people in the upper class. However, the recent issue of taxation has ultimately led to a redefinition of classism, and the dubious phrase, “class warfare” has been thrown around recklessly.

Almost all of the Republican Presidential candidates and many of the more outspoken House Republicans have called Obama's recent tax increases upon the wealthy idea as being symptomatic of
“class warfare.” They boorishly go on and on about how it creates division and a lack of incentive for American “Job Creators” (the lovely conservative way of saying rich person) to create those jobs. Over the last decade, taxes on the wealthy have been lower than they have EVER been—and I do mean EVER. Alarmingly however, Job Creation has either been stagnant or non-existent.

The truth is, the biggest hurdle to job creation is not government regulation, but a very human element—Greed. Greed is one of the seven deadly sins for a reason, and, ironically, is the driving motor of the American way of life. No one wants a socialistic government, however, one cannot deny that our current system is built upon an idea that naturally excludes less fortunate people. Capitalism is a wedge that separates the haves from the have nots. Essentially, it is two lions and a gazelle arguing over what they will have for dinner.

The Republican party knows this. However, they must find a way to convince people to vote in favor of their ideology. Because that block of wealthy people is so small, they must convince the rest of the country that they are looking out for them. This is why social issues exist within public policy.

For example: I have an aunt and an uncle who base their election decisions on who is Pro-Life or Pro-Choice. While the sanctity of the voting booth is, indeed, a cornerstone of American Democracy, my aunt and uncle are a glistening example of how both political parties have inverted and ultimately perverted the electoral process. My aunt and uncle are normally reasonable people, but they make a very important decision using skewed information, or by ignoring information that should take much more precedence. Abortion, for better or worse, will never be repealed—it exists as an issue to divide and horrify, to stir up the emotions of people whom can be tricked into voting based on those emotions instead of their mind. In truth, the President of the United States has ZERO power over laws regarding Abortion—since that is already a law, only the Supreme Court can decide that, and they are appointed for life.

My aunt and uncle make a modest living—below 150,000 dollars, if not below 100,000. This would place them in the middle class, where Democrat tax ideas will benefit them. However, I am fairly certain that they vote Republican because of the Abortion issue.

Churches have a long history of being very important around election time. From their pulpits, preachers wield great sway over the fragile minds of their congregation. These people, entranced by the soaring voices of the preacher and the fervor with which he delivers whatever he delivers, mindlessly shuffle towards voting booths and punch the ticket—horribly misinformed and lacking their own individual ideas.

Usually, it is the conservative party that benefits from these division topics. By rallying behind something as ridiculous and divisive as religion and abortion, they can draw attention away from the fact that they will NOT tax millionaires, but will happily raise taxes upon the middle class. When they are caught on this, they explain that they will not tax millionaires because to do so would ruin their ability to create more jobs. Ironically, even with taxes as low as they are because of the Bush Tax Cuts, job and economic growth is deplorable.

But reality is not often a stance taken by the GOP. This is because to be realistic, defies the ideology that the party has truly adopted—religious fanaticism. By pandering to the hyper religious, they have effectively "dumbed" down their stance on science and things that have always been seen as an assault upon religion. Evolution, which, everywhere else outside of the Middle East is seen as a fact, is still considered a “theory” here.

This is because religion has always been scary, has always been the boogie man that keeps people in line. While it worked to civilize an ancient and brutal culture, it now serves to chain us behind the times and remove any chance we have of progressing into the future. Religion is now, more than ever, the tool of the wealthy to dominate the not-wealthy. Napoleon said it best, “Religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich.”

The rich have bought their politicians on both sides, and have maintained their foothold into the American mind with God as their weapon. I do not hate or fault God for this, I hate the fact that mankind can so easily manipulate the minds of other human beings, and that human beings will so easily allow their minds to be manipulated. Man is a vicious, deceitful creature that has siphoned and destroyed the very planet that it sits upon, cloaking its dagger fall behind a shroud of righteousness.

Sadly, the average human being will never understand this because Fox news will not tell them. Most of the people who read this will not understand, and may even be offended or put off by it. To them I declare that you have already been lost to the void that has been built by your corporate masters, but it is not too late to break free.

To do so though, one must be able to expand their own mind and not have their information dictated to them. The greatest, most powerful weapon they have over us is the media. He who controls the media, controls the minds of the people who consume that media. The nature of reality television and things of its ilk serve only to distract us and make us complacent—to numb and dumb our minds into malleable facsimiles of themselves, so that we will continue buying whatever is being sold during the commercial breaks and keep voting for whomever has the best hair and attack ad.

I love this country, I really do. I have seen the rest of the world, in the best of times and in the worst of times. I still come back and I still call this country home. Let us remember that we stand for the colors on that flag and the fifty stars upon it—not for the colors upon our currency.

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